Breast surgery is one of the most popular ways for women to increase the size of the of their breasts, however, many women are not willing to go through the torture and hassle of breast implants for a few reasons, breast implant surgery is painful, it takes some time to recover and not all women fully recover from the trauma of breast surgery.

Natural breast enlargement methods offer women a safe way to make their breasts bigger with no side effects, the best thing about natural breast enlargement is that it is safe and you have the confidence of knowing that there are no side effects.

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There areĀ  safe ways for women to increase breast size which we will discuss below, all of the methods we mention below are very affordable and perfectly safe.

Breast enhancement creams

Breast enhancement creams are probably one of the most important ways for women to increase breast size, why? Because they are simple to use and can give you the boost you need, most breast creams can increase the size of your breasts anywhere between 1-2 cup sizes bigger.

The ingredients will vary in most breast enhancement creams, most breast creams will contain one of two ingredients, Volufiline or Pueraria Mirifica, each one works a bit different, Volufiline is a popular ingredient in most top selling breast creams and it works fast. Most women will see visible results in as little as two weeks and full results in less than three months, Pueraria Mirifica is more effective and the results last a long time, but it takes longer before you see visible results, usually about 6 weeks. Full results with products that use Pueraria Mirifica can be seen in 4-5 months.

Breast creams help stimulate breast growth by naturally increasing estrogen levels, what this does is cause cell duplication in the breasts, this makes the breasts bigger and fuller.

Breast Enlargement supplements

Breast enlargement supplements (pills) are another way to increase breast size, breast supplements are packed full of herbs (plant estrogens) that help increase estrogen levels in women. One of the reasons many women suffer from flat or sagging breasts is due to low estrogen levels.

Herbal Breast Enlargement Supplements

Taking a breast enhancement supplement stimulates normal estrogen production making the breasts fuller and firmer and after a few weeks your breasts will become bigger. Many breast enhancement products include both a breast cream and supplement for better effectiveness and faster results.

Breast Enlargement Pumps

Breast Enlargement pumps are a very effective way for women to increase the size of their breasts, curiously enough, breast enlargement pumps are not talked about much, is very unfortunate because they are probably one of the most effective ways for women to make their breasts bigger.

Breast enlargement pumps use suction, what this does is stimulate more blood and oxygen into the breasts causing fat cell duplication in the breasts. Most breast enlargement kits come with a manual hand pump and two breast cups which are placed over the breasts to create suction.

Most pumping sessions last anywhere between 15-30 minutes 4-5 times per week, if you have some patience and stick with it, using a breast pump is capable of increasing the size of your breasts anywhere between 2-4 cup sizes larger. This might seem exaggerated but its not, most women who have been pumping for a year or more easily have reached 3 cup sizes or larger.

Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump

The breast enlargement methods mentioned above are completely safe and will not cost you a fortune, most breast enlargement pumps cost less than $80.00 and 3 month supply of the most popular breast creams run around $150.00 so for a complete breast enhancement package you can do yourself you should not spend more than $250.00 this gives you a full proof method for increasing the size of your breasts.

Is natural breast enlargement right for you?

This is a question every woman needs to ask themselves if you are considering any kind of breast enlargement method surgical or otherwise it should be something you are doing for yourself and not because of peer pressure. You should take into consideration that natural breast enlargement takes time and some patience if you do not have patience then you may want to consider other methods.

Can anyone use natural breast enlargement?

For starters, pregnant end nursing women should not use natural breast enlargement methods and they should not be used by women 18 or younger, otherwise, women young and old can benefit from natural breast enlargement methods with absolutely no side effects.


As you see there are many safe ways for women to increase breast size they are very affordable and they do deliver results, beofre you purchase any breast enhancement product it is important that you look for products that come with some kind of money back guarantee in the event that something does deliver the results you expected. Having said that, most safe ways for women to increase breast size do take some time so you should expect at least 3-4 weeks before you see visible results.


Safe Ways for Women to Increase Breast Size