The Total Curve Scam Does it Really Work?

There are hundreds if not thousands of women who would like a simple and effective way to make their breasts bigger. While a surgical option may be something you have considered. Breast surgery is a hassle,  sooner or later it will create complications.

The Total Curve Scam

Women who consider a breast cream are smart! If you think about the long term,¬† there are stages in a woman’s life when bigger breasts are important. In this case, a breast enlargement cream may be all you need. Breast enlargement creams can offer women a 1-2 cup increase in bust size, it also offers other benefits that include:

  • Firmer and fuller lifted breasts
  • Help reduce sagging
  • Improves breast skin texture and reduces wrinkles
  • No side effects
  • Boost sex drive
  • Safer alternative to surgery
  • Fast results
  • Reduce symptoms of PMS

When it comes to breast enhancement creams, not all of them are created the same, some offer better results than others. Some women have claimed that Total Curve is a complete scam. I have had over a decade of breast enhancement experience. What I know is that when it comes to using natural methods, it takes time and dedication. Most women fail because they are not willing to put in the effort. People are only human, our tendency is to blame something that does not work on the product and not on our own failure.

In this article, I will try and answer common questions and possible concerns you may have before purchasing Total Curve. As you probably already know, there are other breast enhancement creams, however, one of the reasons many women choose Total Curve is because it is one of the few products that ships worldwide.

What is Total Curve?

If you are not familiar with Total Curve and how it works, let me give you a brief explanation. Total Curve is a complete breast enhancement system for women. It comes with a topical firming gell and a dietary supplement. The topical gel is applied twice a day, morning and evening. The topical cream contains a scientifically proven ingredient called Volufiline. You can read more about Volufiline here. Volufiline has been clinically proven to increase adipose tissue in the breasts, making them bigger. Volufiline works fast! Most women will see full results in less than 60 days. See chart below

Total Curve Supplement

The Total curve supplement is the second ingredient in the Total Curve breast enlargement kit, what it does is increase phytoestrogens, this mimics estrogen production and makes breasts fuller and firmer. It also contains natural antioxidants and hormone balancers to improve overall breast health.

As you can see Total Curve contains clinically proven ingredients that help increase breast size, so why do some women say that Total Curve is a complete scam.

Why do some women say Total Curve is a scam?

Most women expect miracles, in order for breasts to grow it takes a minimum of 60 days. Some women become very impatient and expect instant results. In order for Total Curve to be effective, you need to be consistent with your treatment, this means taking one Total Curve capsule twice a day as well as applying the cream everyday  in the morning and evening.

Woman in tight blouse with nice breasts

Some women have unrealistic expectations

Some women think that using Total Curve is going to give them instant results. This is not the case! Total Curve will give you an 8% – 9% increase in bust size but you can not expect the dramatic increase you would get from breast enlargement surgery.

Who should use Total Curve?

Total Curve is not for everyone, women who want a slight increase in bust size, or women who suffer from sagging breast due to a pregnancy or rapid weight gain or weight loss will see incredible results from using Total Curve.


Total Curve is not a scam, the product delivers exactly what it promises! If you are looking for bigger, fuller and more lifted breasts, Total Curve is a convenient solution for any woman. Total Curve may not work for you and the company knows this. Total Curve offers a 60-day risk-free money back guarantee.

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The Total Curve Scam
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